Beyond the surface
of a fabric.

When we touch a fabric it is important not to stop at the surface. Behind that braided curtain, behind the soft geometries of a cushion, there is a whole world of research: research into the perfect fabric and style for every customer. This is what we have been doing for over sixty years. We do it like the trades of yesteryear, with dedication and with our hands: we touch, we observe, we choose; we discover beautiful and innovative materials, we strive for design but also for performance, elegance but also quality, so we can proudly bring them to the Italian market and all over the world. Continuous, inspiring, creative research. This is Arredamento Lombardo.

Blue. A colour that contains millions of others.

Research means touching a new fabric and envisaging a collection.

Research means letting yourself be inspired without losing sight of the things that really count: the needs of those that choose us. We gather all the necessary input from the market to understand what it looks for in a fabric; we discover new types of materials and unexpected styles, we explore the latest trends and reinvent them in our own way. We strive for beauty but also for innovation, choosing special, treated materials capable of high-level performances to which we will add the finishing touches. The care we take in identifying the right supplier enables us to guarantee an incredibly wide range, always at the right price. In this way we can satisfy everyone, from the residential sector through to the contract sector. We want our customers to feel free to choose and to demand quality, in the knowledge that it can be delivered. Knowing that they will always be able to find what they are looking for.