e manarola

Manarola is all colours and little details. Tightly embraced by a rocky ridge, lively colours unravel towards the sea in a weave of alleys that are as slender and imperfect as yarn. There are lots of influences like this in the new Arredamento Lombardo outdoor collection but the real inspiration is the indoor world: the exterior is a place of minute details that come from homes and living rooms. Large designs make way for small textures, forms are deconstructed, simple plain colours are preferred. The richness of the details prevails.

The imagination
runs free.


An outdoor living room that seems to belong to a far-off place. The shades are vibrant and intense, the cushions are piled together, the details are richer than ever. A gentle chaos, for the eyes to feast on.

Morning Shades

Simple shades in a collection that welcomes the new day. This is where the outdoor line expresses its true versatility: neutral shades with little designs that recall indoor atmospheres but which, in this case, are to be found al fresco.


The sky relaxes: it is sunset, a moment of calm. The colours of dusk are the inspiration, revisited on the fabrics in fresh and ultra contemporary contrasts. You lie back on the cushions, enveloped in this evocative setting.