While the outdoor line is inspired by the living rooms of a home, the indoor range is an adventurous voyage across the open sea. Captain Ahab’s journey on the Pequod, in desperate and ferocious pursuit of the white whale Moby Dick. The new indoor collection goes where the literary Pequod went before it, gathering inspiration: the uncontaminated beauty of the Philippines, the colours of the Tierra del Diablo, the tempestuous seas of Cape Horn. Everything becomes a source of inspiration for an indoor line which, like the Pequod, goes beyond certain boundaries.

across the open sea.


A light collection that seems to float on water. In the indoor collection, rope, softened and made contemporary, becomes an elegant design; the rain embellishes fabrics. Every motif and every fabric tells the story of a voyage on the Pequod.

Tropical contamination

A naked beach, covered only in colours. Once again water makes its presence felt, but the inspiration is the entire landscape, made up of dense forests and round cliffs. The tones of an outside world that spreads to the indoors.


All of the fury of the ocean is present in the final variation on the indoor line, which changes in accordance with the sea. The same elements, the rope, weaves and drops, are translated into eight colour variations with darker blues, smoky greys and greens.